Your brand is your identity.

We’ll put your brand’s best face forward.

icon of a contract with a pair of glasses for paying attention and a pen for signing

Following the rules

Before we begin, we make sure we know as much as we can about your brand’s values and goals and we get it all on paper. We never start any work without everyone on the same page.

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It’s conceptual

Once we know what your brand’s values and goals are, we work on devising a strategy for your project. We don’t design anything without a plan or a purpose.

icon of a sketchbook, a ruler, and a pencil

Humble beginnings

We start all of our designs with good old fashioned pencil sketches to allow for freedom of creativity from the very beginning, unbound by the limitations of square pixels and default vector shapes.

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Tweaks & revisions

Every project allows for some wiggle room. When we narrow down the design from a few different options to a single nuanced system, we also allow for small changes to the design.

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Multi-format output

Every branding project we create includes multiple file formats and color depths for various uses and contexts.

icon of a pie chart with a dollar sign in the middle, symbolizing a financing plan

Financing available

for projects $99+

Pay at your own pace with no interest for six months through Paypal Credit.

Paypal account and credit approval required. Current Paypal Credit customers require no additional setup or credit checks.

Logo design & branding

Quick turnaround at an affordable price!

Get what you need to get your brand off the ground. We start with a logo, color palette, and typography. In 10 business days, we can create a unique logo for your business so you have what you need to get started.

Our basic logo package is for individuals, small businesses, and event coordinators who need a basic logo and identity ASAP. Full payment up-front is required, with financing available for those who qualify. When your project is ready for a more robust presence, we’ll be happy to work with you to expand your brand with supporting graphics and additional materials.

Basic logo design


10 business days

  • Tailored for individuals, small businesses, and events
  • Vector-based brandmark for infinite scalability
  • Premium-quality typography
  • Single-color version for photocopying, screen printing, vinyl cutouts, ink stamps, and more
  • Full-color version for websites, apps, process printing, and more
  • Multiple file formats (vector and raster)
  • 100% custom design for a brand that is uniquely yours
  • Blazing fast turnaround

Add depth to your brand.

Expand your brand with additional materials for a complete visual system.

icon of a vector illustration program editing a shape

Supporting graphic elements

Add some flair to your brand with additional graphic elements such as patterns, image treatment filters, and alternate styles of your logo for every purpose.

icon of an instruction manual with bookmarked pages

Brand standards manual

Keep your brand on point with a brand standards book. Consistency is everything when you’re presenting your brand to the world. We give you clear guidelines to follow so your brand’s materials always look professional across all media and scenarios.

icon of a single website design shown on three different devices: a large computer monitor, a tablet, and a cell phone


Make your brand come to life with a web presence, starting at $500 for a simple, hard-coded landing page.

icon of social media logos and symbols from Twitter and Facebook

Social media profile

We build a consistent image between your brand, website, and social media profiles to support your brand’s values and voice.

icon showing consistent branding across letterhead, business cards, and stickers

Business cards & brand collateral

The perfect companion to your shiny new brand is a shiny new set of business cards. Well, they don’t have to be shiny. We offer spot-gloss, matte, and satin-coated cards too! Our business cards come in various shapes and sizes, from standard rectangles and mini cards to squares and circles. We also offer extra sturdy sandwich-style business cards with a core of colored paper to make your brand stand out in the crowd.

icon of a billboard

Other brand applications

Show off your brand in style! We can design apparel, goods, and other items to fit your corporate identity.

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