We believe in what we do.

That’s why we’re in this business.

icon of a magnifying glass with an eyeball looking through

Craft is the heart and soul of what we do

We take immense pride in what we make, so we pay attention to the little things.

We craft every project from start to finish, paying close attention to the typography, visual hierarchy, and intuitive flow of the content.

We don’t believe in “pixel-perfect.” The web is fluid and diverse, and it should be measured in relative values rather than hard-coded numbers.

icon of a heart with rays of energy

We love building things

We love getting our hands dirty with pixels and code. Being able to design and build a website from concept to production is incredibly empowering, and building the web never gets old.

We feel the same way about our branding, too. We put forth the extra effort to make a cohesive visual system that accurately conveys the values and goals of your brand.

icon of a person interacting with technology, indicated by a finger touching an abstract circuit board

We believe in user experience

We don’t just make pretty websites. We give users a complete experience and get our clients better returns.

We pay attention to the users’ needs and goals. Accessibility is one of our top priorities. We make sure our designs hold up to screen reader and colorblindness tests.

Old-school process for new-school tech

Visual design is half the process, and it’s way more than just pixels on a screen.

Our process is a tried and true method that allows for an abundant amount of creative thinking while keeping the project on track.

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Before the project even begins, we’re hard at work learning about your audience and goals and how to apply your needs to our work. We creating a plan for achieving those goals.

When everyone starts on the same page, the whole project goes smoothly. A contract is a great way to make sure we all follow the plan.

icon of four people linking arms to symbolize working together

Collaborative process

From concept to sketch to wireframe to prototype to production, the design process is tightly woven with your needs and goals.

Throughout the project, we work closely with you and use your feedback as a means to move forward.

icon combining a brain and a light bulb symbolizing an idea


A solid concept is the foundation of good design. We work closely with you to determine how your brand’s values and visual language can be applied to that concept to best convey your message.

icon of a sketchbook, a ruler, and a pencil

Paper sketches

There’s a time and a place for analog media. We sketch on paper before we touch a single pixel to ensure freedom of creativity not bound by boxes on a screen or the limits of tech.

icon of a site map graphic showing a main page and all its connected pages branching outward

Information architecture

We believe that delivering content in a logical order is part of good design. Using a cohesive taxonomy leads to a better user experience and better SEO, which means good vibes all around.

icon of website design shown on a cell phone

Mobile browser accessibility

Over half of all web browser traffic comes from mobile devices. We don’t shut them out by using outdated methods like Flash. Every website we make is fully responsive and HTML5 compliant. We keep our layouts fluid between break points to ensure a great experience for all browser sizes.

icon of two identical mobile devices displaying different versions of the same design

Fallbacks & testing

We test our websites on multiple platforms and browser configurations to ensure that our work performs well everywhere. If something doesn’t quite translate from one environment to another, we put fallbacks and safeguards in place to keep the experience consistent and appropriate for all major browsers and systems.

computer monitor showing a gear onscreen, indicating website construction

Easy client backends

We don’t want our clients to have nightmares when they update their content. That’s why we make it easy for you to take control of your site. We offer a WYSIWYG interface for creating and editing posts and pages so your content can stay up to date with little to no learning curve.

icon of a toolbox marked with a cog, with a screwdriver nearby

Maintenance & support

Websites are fluid and web standards are always changing. We fix broken features and update modules to keep your site running like a well-oiled machine.

We also keep backups of your website to make sure you’re covered in case the unexpected happens.

icon of a stylized RGB color model using Cogneedo's brand colors instead of traditional red, green, and blue

Our blood, sweat, and tears are in RGB.

While our design team is classically trained in a wide range of media, we mostly stick to pixels and code. Digital design gives us a type of freedom and flexibility that simply isn’t possible in print. Using fluid and responsive layouts to showcase rich media, we create experiential and informative works for the web. Our team has has been building websites since the early days of the web. All that experience ensures that we can produce the best possible strategy for bringing our designs to life the way they were meant to be seen, heard, and felt.

To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.
Milton Glaser

We celebrate the web as a medium and a tool to amplify our clients’ voices and to showcase our passion for what we do.

Simply put, we love the web. And we hope you love what we can do with it.

icon of a person with a glowing light bulb instead of a brain

We dream in code.

And we count sheep as objects in an array.

We believe that beautiful code is the foundation of smooth functionality and a perfect partner to elegant design. We pride ourselves on our ability to harness the latest technologies to make our designs a reality. We’re fluent in many languages, spanning markup, programming, and precompilers: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Sass, Javascript, PHP, and more. Our team consists of veteran coders with a passion for the web’s inner workings.

You not only have to be a good coder, you have to be a sneaky bastard too.
Linus Torvalds

In addition to being capable coders, we’re also masters at making our websites do whatever our clients want. We once used an HTML5 game engine to build an interactive map that worked on mobile and desktop browsers (after convincing our clients to ditch Flash). It was a clever solution for a unique problem that we’re still proud of solving. We’ve got all kinds of tricks like that up our sleeves.

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